When Is The Best Time to Buy What

We all know about Boxing Day (the day after Christmas). And we’ve recently been hearing more and more about Black Friday (the Friday following Thanksgiving) . But these aren’t the only dates you need to keep track of in order to save. Here are some more:

Cyber Monday: This is the #1 day for all of your online shopping. It’s the Monday following Thanksgiving. It’s when people are back from their long weekend, and want to buy the stuff they’ve seen. You can expect big deals for anything you find online. The term was first coined in the year 2005, and online merchants have seen an increase in sales between 15-25% on this day ever since.

Small Business Saturday: This is the day for all of your shopping that isn’t at the giants. That is, the mom-and-pop stores, both online and offline. It’s the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the smaller shops will be competing for your dollars.

End of year: This is when you want to grab yourself a car on clearance. The cars for the upcoming year are already being shipped and sold. The lots want to get rid of the older models, and it’s your chance to save. The same goes for appliances, too.

End of summer: Plan to buy most of your summer clothing in August, at the end of the season. This is especially true for your swimsuits, which shouldn’t be a problem to hold on to for next year.

July: Furniture sales often happen in July, since August is when the new models enter stores.

And finally, when not to buy Jewelry: Anytime there’s a holiday coming up, stay away! You want to buy yourself, or your significant other, jewelry as far away from Valentine’s Day and Christmas as possible, and not get sucked into those so-called sales.


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