Introducing CouponRoller Coins – Just in time for Black Friday

Hey Fans!

Today we have exciting news.

We’ve often heard from our users that playing games on CouponRoller is exciting – and winning is even more exciting. And so, we have now added an additional way to win.

We’ve just launched CouponRoller Coins, right when Black Friday is around the corner. As you play games in order to win the specific gift cards and coupons you love, you’ll also win coins.



These coins add up, and you can then redeem them for any coupon or gift card of your choice in the CouponRoller Store. The various gift cards have different prices, and you have the freedom to decide how many coins to spend. You can redeem for a small gift card quickly, or save up and get a large one.

Reach out to us and tell you what you think of this new way to win at CouponRoller!





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